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WET 7 Calibration

Since there are at least 14 filters, It may take some time to “break in” or “prime” the filters. The water is safe to drink right away in both sides after the initial post installation flush.

Right handle water:

  • You may experience a slight mineral after taste (fishy)
  • You may see white bubbles
  • You may see spluttering

LONG FLUSH: We recommend running the water for 25 minutes on the right side every morning (or if you can 3x a day) for the first 5 days.

SHORT FLUSH: During the day, when you are using the water, we recommend running it 60-90 seconds to allow all the air bubbles to come out before filling a glass of water to drink.

The more frequent you repeat the LONG and SHORT FLUSH, the faster the system will calibrate. The spluttering and after taste will eventually go away. The taste will improve through out the process.

Once the spluttering stops and the slight mineral after taste (fishy) is gone, you can use the water like normal without flushing.

Depending on frequency on how often one decides to flush, it may take a few days or up to two weeks to have the system fully calibrated.

Right Handel faucet produces clean, structured water, remineralized, naturally alkaline 9.0-9.5pH and hydrogen water.

Applicational use: drinking

Left Handle water:

The left handle water does not require the LONG FLUSH after the initial post installation flush. We recommend the SHORT FLUSH of running the water for 30-60 seconds in the first 3-5 days before filling up a glass of water or cooking with it.

Left handle faucet produces structured water, minerals, 7.4-7.8pH

Applicational use: cooking, coffee, tea, soaking salads, and drinking water.

Once the water system is fully calibrated, the water will be good for 12-18 months.

Important information

Double check to make sure there are no leaks in the machine by taking a flash light and lifting up the side panels to shine inside to see. This will be a good thing to do periodically during the first 2 weeks of the filter use while the water system is naturally pressurizing. Doing a good inspection is the best prevention.

The faucet is 316L medical grade stainless steel. It may have a slight drip. It is not a leak. The water is highly structured. So may cause a slight drip.

For any other additional questions contact: customerservice@springaqua.com

Or call/text (206) 618-3668